Taking Action IS a strategy!

     The IRS has already               Seized Assets or                    Garnished Wages

The IRS has
seized your assets or garnished your wages.

The IRS sent Notice of    Intent to Seize Assets      or Garnish Wages 

The IRS has contacted you but has NOT seized your money or assets or taken action to deny, suspend or revoke your passport.

Tax Preparation

Prior Years

The IRS has NOT contacted you but you haven't filed your taxes for 2017 and/or earlier years and want to do so in order to avoid potential problems, regain peace of mind and prevent the IRS from interfering with your personal goals in the future.

Payroll Tax - Trust Fund Recovery Issues

IRS Investigation
There is a payroll tax and/or trust fund recovery penalty matter

Crypto Tax Issues

You need to amend previously filed returns to report cryptocurrency or want us to prepare the portion of your current year's tax return to report  cryptocurrency  

US Passports

The IRS has denied your application for a new or renewal 
US passport
or has suspended or revoked your current US passport.


The IRS is asking questions about your return or you have been notified of an audit.

Foreign Income or Asset Matters

You need to discuss FinCen, F-BAR, and/or FATCA issues

IRS Criminal Divison

criminal division
has contacted you. 


Innocent or Injured         Spouse Issues

You are facing a situation with the IRS where you believe you are an innocent or injured spouse.

 Tax Preparation - Current Year

You file your taxes every year and want to file your 2018 taxes with us. 

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