Tax Returns Not Filed for Prior Years


We created these questions to get basic information about your tax situation.  Just answer what you can to the best of your ability.  If you prefer to discuss the topics covered in this questionnaire in person, please contact us to set up a personal meeting. The primary reason we ask for this information, all of which we will review in advance of any discussions at no charge, is to develop a framework of knowledge before the initial consultation.  In its absence, our introductory interview will be a great deal more time-consuming.

You are not obligating yourself in any way by submitting this questionnaire and, if you end up not needing or wanting our services, the information provided will be securely removed from our system and destroyed.   This questionnaire is for the use of Tax Defense ONLY.  Tax Defense will never share, sell, or allow a third-party access to ANY of the information contained on this form.

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1. Please check the box next to each year you want to include in your tax preparation:
2. Please check the box next to your filing status:
3. During these years did your marital status or the number of dependents change?
4. What type of tax return(s) need to be prepared:
6. Have you contacted the IRS about your past due tax returns?
When did you make contact?
5. Have you received any correspondence from the IRS about your past due tax returns?
7. What were your sources of income for the year(s) you have past due tax returns? Please check all that apply:
8. Is there a specific reason you are contacting us now? Please check any that apply:

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