Confronting IRS Issues IS your best strategy!

  There are lots of tax resolution services competing for business.  Many claim they can resolve your IRS problems for mere "pennies on the dollar."  We're in the same business, but we won't lie to you about how it works.  As tax resolution professionals, we're committed to getting the best result possible for each client.

IRS problems are complicated, frightening, confusing, and frustrating.  People are overwhelmed, frozen until the IRS takes drastic measures.  Tax issues don't go away and they don't improve over time.  The best strategy is always to be proactive. 


Since "a problem well-defined is already half solved," that's where the process starts.  Finding out how and what created the problem, we better understand the challenge.


Next, we figure out what resolution methods are available.  Based on your future needs, plans, and goals, we rank them - most to least desirable.  Finally, we create a presentation strategy.  

Working together, we'll put your tax problems in the past, remove any obstacles created in the present, and give you back power to make decisions about the future.