Payroll Tax/Trust Fund Recovery Investigation Questionnaire


We need some basic information about your situation - we'd like you to answer the questions on this form.  Do the best you can - we understand you may not have all the information requested.  It's much easier for everyone if we can come to our first discussion prepared.  As an added incentive, if you submit a completed questionnaire, the initial consultation is free.


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How long has the company been in business?
If your company currently has an IRS issue related to its payroll tax obligations, check each statement below that applies:
How many IRS notices has the company received for failure to make payroll tax deposits:
What is the company’s estimated liability for outstanding payroll tax deposits, penalties and interest?
Is the company current with its Form 941 filings?
Has the company continued to pay its vendors, if any, and meet its other business expenses such as rent and utilities?
Has the company had prior payroll tax deposit issues – failure to deposit, late deposit?
Has an IRS Revenue Officer (RO) contacted you with any proposed solutions to bring the company into compliance?
Has the IRS sent Letter 903, Letter to Employer – You Haven’t Deposited Federal Employment Taxes?
Has the company entered into any agreements, such as a payment plan, to resolve the outstanding payroll taxes, penalties and interest due?
Has the company complied with the terms of any agreement reached?
Has the IRS RO sent anyone at the company an IRS Letter 3586 stating, among other things, that you (the person receiving the letter) are under civil investigation for failure to pay trust fund taxes and proposing a date and time for an in-person interview with the RO at the IRS’s office?
Has the IRS RO interviewed anyone at the company?
Has the IRS RO sent one or more people at the company IRS Letter 1153 with a proposed penalty assessment for the tax periods at issue?

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