Hope won't make your IRS problems go away.  It takes action to resolve problems you have now and avoid them in the future.  The IRS doesn't hope you file taxes, open their letters or talk to them, they take action.   If you don't, the IRS can and it will.   Stop hoping and start acting - we're here to help you get your act together and keep your life on track.


is NOT

a Strategy

So what can you do about the IRS?

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We specialize in handling complex tax situations

for individuals and small business owners.


We're here to help you confront your tax issues head-on.  We're also here as your advocate to deal with the IRS.  Every client is unique and so is every problem.  The one thing they all have in common is a solution.  They CAN be resolved.  Whether business or personal, we'll customize a resolution strategy to meet your needs and achieve your goals.  We work personally with every client and we offer something most others can't - the ability to work in a confidential setting, even if there's been a criminal referral.


We create solutions for:

  • cryptocurrency reporting – past and current

  • passport denial,  suspension or revocation

  • failure to file for one or more tax years

  • challenges to your filings based on unreported and/or  underreported income

  • challenges to your claimed expenses

Aggressive collection practices including:

  • liens

  • levies

  • garnishment

  • property/asset seizures

  • contacting third parties to get information about you

  • attempts to seize transferred assets

  • suspending or denying your passport

If you don't take control

of the situation, you are giving the IRS both the ability and the power to disrupt your life.  IRS problems can hinder and may even prevent you from achieving goals, such as:

  • acquiring a home

  • obtaining a loan

  • getting financial aid for education

  • maintaining immigration status

  • using/keeping your passport

  • maintaining critical professional and personal relationships

Take Control Now


The IRS is powerful and isn't afraid to act.  If you don't take command of the situation and deal with it, the IRS will.  Resolving tax issues puts you back in control.  Left unresolved, those IRS issues can prevent you from:

  • acquiring a home

  • obtaining a loan

  • getting financial aid for education (your, your spouse, and even your children can be affected)

  • maintaining your immigration status;

  • using your U.S. passport to travel; and

  • maintaining critical professional and personal relationships

Hire us and start now.  We'll put your tax issues in the past, remove any obstacles they've created in the present, and restore your power to do what you want in the future.