FBAR, FinCEN and FATCA Questionnaire


We need some basic information about your situation - we'd like you to answer the questions on this form.  Do the best you can - we understand you may not have all the information requested.  It's much easier for everyone if we can come to our first discussion prepared.  As an added incentive, if you submit a completed questionnaire, the initial consultation is free.


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Why are you filling out this questionnaire? Check all that apply
Are you one of the following: 1) a US citizen; 2) a resident of the United States; or 3) an entity formed under the laws of the United States, any state, the District of Columbia, any territory or possession of the United States, or an Indian tribe?
Do you have one or more “reportable financial accounts”? (NOTE: FBAR reporting applies to bank accounts (ex. - savings, demand deposit, checking, CDs), securities accounts, and “other financial accounts” (ex. - insurance or annuity policies with cash value, broker/dealer accounts for commodities trading, mutual funds or other pooled funds)
Check the box that defines your financial interest in this/these account(s).
How many foreign accounts do you or your business(es) have?
How long (approximately) has each account been open?
Did the aggregate amount(s) in the foreign account(s) go over $10,000 US at any time during one of the past 6 calendar years?
Have you filed FBARs?
Do you have one or more of the following type(s) of non-US assets: Check all that apply:
Have you kept records of the account(s)? Check the one that most accurately describes what records you have.
Have you regularly filed your tax returns?
I’ve missed a few years and didn’t file a return for: (check all that apply)
If you own any of the asset types listed in the last question, is their total value more than $50,000?
Have you filed IRS Form 8938 with your tax return(s)?
What does the IRS claim you owe?
What does the IRS claim you owe?
Do you buy, sell or trade in cryptocurrency?
How many years have you owned cryptocurrency?
How many wallets do you use?
How many exchanges have you used?
Have you traded cryptocurrency on behalf of anyone else?
Have you reported your cryptocurrency income/losses on your tax returns?
If you received an IRS audit notice, which of the following topics, if any, were specifically listed as areas to be examined: (Please check all that apply)
Did the audit notice indicate that you should respond by sending them some specified types of supporting documentation?
What years did the audit notice state were being examined? (Check all that apply)

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