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We need some basic information about your situation - we'd like you to answer the questions on this form.  Do the best you can - we understand you may not have all the information requested.  It's much easier for everyone if we can come to our first discussion prepared.  As an added incentive, if you submit a completed questionnaire, the initial consultation is free.


  If you prefer not to complete this form, either go to the "Book Online" tab or call us to schedule your initial consultation.   If you choose this option, the initial consultation fee is $100.  However, that amount will be applied as a one-time credit to fees incurred in the future. 


This form is meant to facilitate our interview process and creates no future obligations or relationship between the parties.  If you do not retain our services, your form will be removed from our system and securely destroyed.   This questionnaire is for the use of Tax Defense ONLY.   Tax Defense will never share, sell, or allow a third-party access to this form or ANY of the information on this form.

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1. Did you file a tax return last year?
Have you always filed your tax returns?
Do you want to file a tax return for any year other than last year?
2. Please check the box next to your filing status:
3. Do you have a copy of the tax return you filed last year?
4. Please check the tax return form you need prepared:
Upload Return
Max File Size 15MB

IF YOU OPTED TO UPLOAD YOUR TAX RETURN – CLICK HERE to submit form and tax return.  You do not need to answer the remaining questions.
Otherwise, please continue with the questionnaire.

5. Have there been significant changes in your financial and/or personal circumstances this tax year? Please check all that apply:
7. Are you married?
8. Do you have dependents?
9. Do you or any family member have an ITIN instead of a Social Security number?
Do you have childcare and dependent expenses?
10. What are your sources of income and/or taxable events for this tax year? Please check all that apply:
11. Do you need to file any state income tax returns?
12. Have you bought, sold and/or received any cryptocurrency?
How many cryptocurrency transactions have occurred?
How many wallets, accounts and/or exchanges do you use?
How much cryptocurrency do you currently hold?
13. Do you (or your business) have any foreign bank accounts? (NOTE: Cryptocurrency wallets or accounts with offshore exchanges qualify as foreign accounts)
How many foreign accounts do you or your business(es) have?
Is the balance in the account(s) more than $10,000?
14. Do you have any assets in foreign countries?
What is the (estimated) value of those assets?

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