Active Asset Seizure or

Wage Garnishment Questionnaire


We need some basic information about your situation - we'd like you to answer the questions on this form.  Do the best you can - we understand you may not have all the information requested.  It's much easier for everyone if we can come to our first discussion prepared.  As an added incentive, if you submit a completed questionnaire, the initial consultation is free.


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Are the unpaid taxes, penalties and interest that the IRS is trying to collect owed by your business or is this your personal tax debt?
If this tax liability relates to your business, is any of it due to failure to make federal payroll tax deposits?
Have any fraud penalties been assessed against the company?
Has the IRS sent you a letter titled “Notice of Intent to Levy and Notice of Your Right to a Hearing”?
What date does the notice say the IRS may seize your property?  (NOTE:  This is usually found around the middle of the left side on the first page) 
Approximately how much is your tax liability, including penalties and interest?
Has the IRS delivered a Notice of Seizure (Form 2433) and/or a Notice of Levy?
What assets are listed on those notices?  Check all that apply:
Has the IRS started garnishing your wages, social security and/or other eligible sources of income?
Do you dispute you owe the amount of taxes and penalties assessed?
Are your tax return filings current?
Which years do you need to file returns for?
Have you previously tried to settle this outstanding tax debt with the IRS, entered into an installment agreement or other payment program, and failed to make the agreed-upon payments?
Would paying these taxes, even under an installment agreement or other payment program, cause you financial hardship leaving you unable to meet basic, necessary living expenses?
Do you believe you qualify as an “innocent” or “injured” spouse and that it would be inequitable for the IRS to continue trying to collect these taxes from you?

(NOTE:  You may be an “innocent” or “injured” spouse if the tax liability is partially or entirely related to your spouse’s or ex-spouse’s tax filings or pre-marital debts – if so, please fill out the questionnaire for “Innocent or Injured Spouse”)

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